The project collects stories from workers and edits them to the length of time it takes that worker to earn $1. The story is then put onto an album and placed inside of a jukebox, which then tours the local community. 



Portland, OR

Fieldwork for this project and the jukebox tour began in Summer 2015 and continues to the present day thanks to funding from SE Uplift's Small Neighborhood Grant. So far, it has included one workshop and three jukebox stops. 

Brooklyn, NY

Fieldwork for this project took place in Summer 2014 thanks to funding from the Brooklyn Arts Council. The jukebox is currently on display in Brooklyn at the Old Stone House.

Hudson Valley, NY

The project was originally developed in April and May of 2013 as a part of the Association for Independents in Radio’s Live Interactive Residency Program at Wave Farm in Acra, NY.